Daily Archive: December 15, 2016

Virginal White

It seems that bridal lingerie is trying desperately to hang onto the fantasy that brides are going to their marriage bed still virgins, there might be a few still left out there that hold to true to the vow of keeping their chastity until the say “I do” but they are few and far between. White, white and some more white seem to be the colour of the day when it comes to the choice you make when you are getting your lingerie all sorted out. There are a few items that are particularly racy and have some splashes of colour but they are touted as honeymoon items, so this is presumably after the wedding night and all the surprises are out in the open.

The red room of pain might be best left for another night to introduce to your new wife and even then slowly testing the waters may be the best way to go with that particular conversation.

Ivory is another seemingly acceptable colour to wear on the actual day but after the dirty deed has been accomplished then the sky is the limit as to what you want to try, crotch less underwear seems to be very popular but I suspect this may be because men are in control of the content and basically couldn’t be bothered to undress their women. G-strings are another item high on the agenda and corsets, one particular item did catch my attention and that was a pearl G-string. Don’t know how comfortable that would be, looked good on the model but seriously what wouldn’t look good on the girls they have on these webpages.

It is a bit unfair to try to imagine what we ordinary mortal girls would look like in one of these outfits and it think this is why we are so disappointed when we put on the lingerie and it has absolutely no resemblance to what it looked like on the model. It was encouraging to see some BBW modelling and they looked fabulous but even this is deceptive as they don’t hire just anyone to model the clothes after all they want to sell their products, so even the big girls are proportionately beautiful, unlike the rest of us who have short legs and big butts and small boobs or huge boobs and no butt. There are all sorts of shapes and sizes and unfortunately fashion only caters to the norm or what they perceive as the norm and the rest of us just have to muddle through as best we can. Visit this link https://frenchbikini.com.au/ for more info on lingerie Melbourne. 

The one place it shouldn’t matter is on your wedding night, you could be naked as a Jay bird and you will still be the best thing your new husband has seen, so lap that up while you can and bring out the lingerie when things are starting to get a bit stale, maybe even mention that you know about the red room of pain.