Daily Archive: November 16, 2016

How To Choose The Right Dance Shoes?

Dance needs proper attire and dancing shoes are important part of this attire. A good pair of shoes, which is comfortable and fits properly, will help learn the moves better and dance for a longer period. Therefore you must invest in a good pair of shoes as soon as you can.

Factors to consider before buying shoes

• The fit of the shoes

You can easily avail childrens dancewear online from stores which are popular and sell such stuff. But for the shoes, make sure that you or your children try it first and then pay for it. The fit of the dancing shoes is very important and it should fit like second skin but avoid excessive pressure. Some people go half or full size down when buying shoes for dancing.

• Open toe shoes or close toe shoes

Different dance forms have different attires and the same rule goes for the shoes. Like, if you are doing ballet, then go for ballet shoes or if your children are into hip hop or jazz, get discount jazz shoes and so on. Open toe shoes are usually for dace forms, like Rumba, swing, Salsa, where pointing of the toes are required. The closed toe shoes are usually used in dance forms, like Waltz, Foxtrot and other smooth traditional dance forms.

• Height of the heels

The heel height for beginners should always be low if they are not accustomed to wearing high heels. For most dances in Latin, heel height of 1.5 inches to 3 inches is used. Flared heels are also popular choices as it gives stability to the dancer.

• Suede Sole

Suede is a very good choice when choosing the dancing shoes. Suede sole is very comfortable and gives the right slip and traction. It gives more stability and balance. It gives more control to the dancer when moving around on the floor or turning. You need to maintain the roughness of the sole regularly by brushing it with wire dance shoe brush.

Buy from online stores

Many people think it is better to buy shoes offline from physical stores than go online. Trying your shoes before buying or paying for it will be a better idea as the fit of the shoes is not something you can compromise with. But do you know that reliable online stores also offer excellent facilities to buy dance shoes? You can get detailed product descriptions in the stores, and this will make the buying process easier. What all you need is to search for the right online store and buy the right pair of dance shoes.