Daily Archive: May 17, 2016

How To Boost Your Confidence

Have you been feeling a little down and out lately? If you have been feeling like nothing you do is right and are have low self-esteem, then perhaps it is time to fix that. Boosting your confidence is easy. Confidence may not seem like something that comes naturally to you, but while it might be hard to remember, you are an amazing person and we’ve put together some tips that will help you boost your confidence whenever you need a little pick me up!

Look good to feel good

While this may sound like a beauty magazine or an infomercial selling a product, there’s some truth to the adage ‘look good to feel good’. If you are comfortable and confident that you are happy with your appearance then that translates through your body language as confidence to the rest of the world. Looking good is essentially about feeling comfortable and happy with yourself. You need to feel fit and healthy and should not view this as a suggestion to conform to socially dictated standards of beauty or a perfect body. Make little changes where you feel necessary. For instance get a haircut or change your look. Perhaps stress has caused your hair to thin or fall out in which case you may want to see your doctor about hair replacement Melbourne treatments you might be able to take. 

Something as simple as get a hair replacement by way of a wig or re-growing your hair can make a huge difference and give you a boost of confidence.

Make a list

Sometimes all you need to feel good and stay confident is a positive outlook and a reminder of how great you are and of how much you have accomplished. Make a list of everything you have accomplished in life thus far – you might be surprised by how much you have done. Write down everything you have done that has given you a burst of pride in yourself. It could be as simple as renting your first apartment or learning how to use a photocopy machine. Also, make a mental list each day of five things you have learnt, or achieved. An achievement could even be something as simple as going to the gym for the fourth time in a row. Also, make a list of five things that made you happy. Little things like this serve as a reminder of how great you are and can help boost your confidence.

Pass it on

The great thing about feeling confident is that you get to influence others. Do a good turn for someone else. You will feel great and so will they. Or take a minute to tell someone else how great they are!