Daily Archive: March 17, 2016

How To Look A Million Dollars On A Budget

You have a big party coming up where all your best friends will be present and you need to make an impression but sadly you are on a tight budget. Possibly the kind of situation that could make anyone feel quite sad however, if you are creative enough, you are likely to be able to put together a one of a kind million dollar look that will cost you next to nothing. You may even put together a look with the clothes that you already have. All you will need to do is to go on line and spend an hour or two googling your favourite looks and trying to recreate them.

Choose your style
The first thing you will need to do is to go online and start looking at some designs in order to identify your own style. Visit some simple chic women fashion online and look through the catalogs which will be able to give you thousands of amazing designs. In addition to this, you may customize each design by adding your own accessories to it, like a shawl, a pair of high heels or a clingy pair of earrings.

The trick to getting inexpensive clothes that look amazing is to stay away from branded clothing and genuine clothing. You will want to stay away from fur, pearls, snake skin etc because not only are these extremely expensive but they are also obtained using the most cruel and painful ways and you really do not want to be a part of that. Instead opt for the less expensive faux versions of these that are plastic and faux leather which are not only beautiful but cruelty free. Visit some inexpensive Parisian style clothes online stores where you will be able to find classy stylish clothing for a low price and will be guaranteed to make you look like a million dollars, you can also check this awesome french design clothes in HK.

Personalize your outfit to stand out in a crowd
One of the most famous outfits in the world, the little black dress gained its popularity because of its ability to change in look. You can customize a little black dress is more than a hundred different ways simply by changing your shoes and your accessories. You will want to do this with your outfit. Whatever you choose to buy, make it your own with a few added accessories and a nice pair of shoes that you have at home. Do not be afraid to be daring, use shawls, caps and other accessories to make yourself stand out.