Daily Archive: March 8, 2016

Fashion Trends And Its Impact On Youth

Since the years, it has become common to follow various fashion trends based on the time and also the region. There are various aspects in which people like to follow the fashion like:


Accessories like watches




Body piercing

Handbags etc.

Fashion is the concept that is not only limited to clothing but a wide range of things has been included in the fashion. People from different regions can have different traditions and customs and based on the geographical conditions also, they can adopt different patterns. It has been believed that the fashion can always reflect and influences the way of life people like to like to live. It can completely depend on the creativity and the new innovative ideas that people adopt for maintaining themselves and their surroundings.

Generally, people choose their dresses as per their taste and their body structure. The fashion changes according to various aspects that can influence the people that include:

Changes as per the traditions

Changes as per the cultures

Changes as per the customs followed by people

Changes depend on the economic patterns

Also, depend on changes in society

Based on changes in moral values and ethics

The change that occurs always can become one of the factors for the fashion as the change and fashion are parallel to each other. Since decades, it has been observed that there was a drastic change in the clothing, makeups, jewelry and in many other things. Especially fashion is more attached to women as they like to adopt the changes with which they can be able to make themselves look more attractive than they are actually. Body piercing is one of such fashion issues that most of the young women like to have. Different piercing jewelry like nose, ears, belly and nipple piercing jewelry etc. have been preferred by these girls and young ladies that can make them look more beautiful.

The young men and women are more attracted towards the fashion trends in the markets and try to follow them as early as possible. There is various fashion designing firms that have been working in various styles that can influence the youth and attract them. They not only concentrate on clothing and other things but also on jewelry that can be more impressive and be attracting like belly and nipple piercing jewelry, necklaces and waist chains etc. The types in which fashion can be considered are:

Elegant- expensive designer wears and jewelry that can give a grand and royal look comes under these elegant types.

Casual- casual wears in which people can feel comfortable and convenient

Classic- the wardrobe without classic wears means nothing as they can give decent and dignified look to the people when they are in group.

Western- irrespective of culture people like to adopt various other cultures in which they can feel comfortable.

Dramatic- this includes the theme look and this can opt based on the situation and also the type of the gathering people like to attend.