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Virginal White

It seems that bridal lingerie is trying desperately to hang onto the fantasy that brides are going to their marriage bed still virgins, there might be a few still left out there that hold to true to the vow of keeping their chastity until the say “I do” but they are few and far between. White, white and some more white seem to be the colour of the day when it comes to the choice you make when you are getting your lingerie all sorted out. There are a few items that are particularly racy and have some splashes of colour but they are touted as honeymoon items, so this is presumably after the wedding night and all the surprises are out in the open.

The red room of pain might be best left for another night to introduce to your new wife and even then slowly testing the waters may be the best way to go with that particular conversation.

Ivory is another seemingly acceptable colour to wear on the actual day but after the dirty deed has been accomplished then the sky is the limit as to what you want to try, crotch less underwear seems to be very popular but I suspect this may be because men are in control of the content and basically couldn’t be bothered to undress their women. G-strings are another item high on the agenda and corsets, one particular item did catch my attention and that was a pearl G-string. Don’t know how comfortable that would be, looked good on the model but seriously what wouldn’t look good on the girls they have on these webpages.

It is a bit unfair to try to imagine what we ordinary mortal girls would look like in one of these outfits and it think this is why we are so disappointed when we put on the lingerie and it has absolutely no resemblance to what it looked like on the model. It was encouraging to see some BBW modelling and they looked fabulous but even this is deceptive as they don’t hire just anyone to model the clothes after all they want to sell their products, so even the big girls are proportionately beautiful, unlike the rest of us who have short legs and big butts and small boobs or huge boobs and no butt. There are all sorts of shapes and sizes and unfortunately fashion only caters to the norm or what they perceive as the norm and the rest of us just have to muddle through as best we can. Visit this link for more info on lingerie Melbourne. 

The one place it shouldn’t matter is on your wedding night, you could be naked as a Jay bird and you will still be the best thing your new husband has seen, so lap that up while you can and bring out the lingerie when things are starting to get a bit stale, maybe even mention that you know about the red room of pain.

How To Choose The Right Dance Shoes?

Dance needs proper attire and dancing shoes are important part of this attire. A good pair of shoes, which is comfortable and fits properly, will help learn the moves better and dance for a longer period. Therefore you must invest in a good pair of shoes as soon as you can.

Factors to consider before buying shoes

• The fit of the shoes

You can easily avail childrens dancewear online from stores which are popular and sell such stuff. But for the shoes, make sure that you or your children try it first and then pay for it. The fit of the dancing shoes is very important and it should fit like second skin but avoid excessive pressure. Some people go half or full size down when buying shoes for dancing.

• Open toe shoes or close toe shoes

Different dance forms have different attires and the same rule goes for the shoes. Like, if you are doing ballet, then go for ballet shoes or if your children are into hip hop or jazz, get discount jazz shoes and so on. Open toe shoes are usually for dace forms, like Rumba, swing, Salsa, where pointing of the toes are required. The closed toe shoes are usually used in dance forms, like Waltz, Foxtrot and other smooth traditional dance forms.

• Height of the heels

The heel height for beginners should always be low if they are not accustomed to wearing high heels. For most dances in Latin, heel height of 1.5 inches to 3 inches is used. Flared heels are also popular choices as it gives stability to the dancer.

• Suede Sole

Suede is a very good choice when choosing the dancing shoes. Suede sole is very comfortable and gives the right slip and traction. It gives more stability and balance. It gives more control to the dancer when moving around on the floor or turning. You need to maintain the roughness of the sole regularly by brushing it with wire dance shoe brush.

Buy from online stores

Many people think it is better to buy shoes offline from physical stores than go online. Trying your shoes before buying or paying for it will be a better idea as the fit of the shoes is not something you can compromise with. But do you know that reliable online stores also offer excellent facilities to buy dance shoes? You can get detailed product descriptions in the stores, and this will make the buying process easier. What all you need is to search for the right online store and buy the right pair of dance shoes.

How To Boost Your Confidence

Have you been feeling a little down and out lately? If you have been feeling like nothing you do is right and are have low self-esteem, then perhaps it is time to fix that. Boosting your confidence is easy. Confidence may not seem like something that comes naturally to you, but while it might be hard to remember, you are an amazing person and we’ve put together some tips that will help you boost your confidence whenever you need a little pick me up!

Look good to feel good

While this may sound like a beauty magazine or an infomercial selling a product, there’s some truth to the adage ‘look good to feel good’. If you are comfortable and confident that you are happy with your appearance then that translates through your body language as confidence to the rest of the world. Looking good is essentially about feeling comfortable and happy with yourself. You need to feel fit and healthy and should not view this as a suggestion to conform to socially dictated standards of beauty or a perfect body. Make little changes where you feel necessary. For instance get a haircut or change your look. Perhaps stress has caused your hair to thin or fall out in which case you may want to see your doctor about hair replacement Melbourne treatments you might be able to take. 

Something as simple as get a hair replacement by way of a wig or re-growing your hair can make a huge difference and give you a boost of confidence.

Make a list

Sometimes all you need to feel good and stay confident is a positive outlook and a reminder of how great you are and of how much you have accomplished. Make a list of everything you have accomplished in life thus far – you might be surprised by how much you have done. Write down everything you have done that has given you a burst of pride in yourself. It could be as simple as renting your first apartment or learning how to use a photocopy machine. Also, make a mental list each day of five things you have learnt, or achieved. An achievement could even be something as simple as going to the gym for the fourth time in a row. Also, make a list of five things that made you happy. Little things like this serve as a reminder of how great you are and can help boost your confidence.

Pass it on

The great thing about feeling confident is that you get to influence others. Do a good turn for someone else. You will feel great and so will they. Or take a minute to tell someone else how great they are!

How To Look A Million Dollars On A Budget

You have a big party coming up where all your best friends will be present and you need to make an impression but sadly you are on a tight budget. Possibly the kind of situation that could make anyone feel quite sad however, if you are creative enough, you are likely to be able to put together a one of a kind million dollar look that will cost you next to nothing. You may even put together a look with the clothes that you already have. All you will need to do is to go on line and spend an hour or two googling your favourite looks and trying to recreate them.

Choose your style
The first thing you will need to do is to go online and start looking at some designs in order to identify your own style. Visit some simple chic women fashion online and look through the catalogs which will be able to give you thousands of amazing designs. In addition to this, you may customize each design by adding your own accessories to it, like a shawl, a pair of high heels or a clingy pair of earrings.

The trick to getting inexpensive clothes that look amazing is to stay away from branded clothing and genuine clothing. You will want to stay away from fur, pearls, snake skin etc because not only are these extremely expensive but they are also obtained using the most cruel and painful ways and you really do not want to be a part of that. Instead opt for the less expensive faux versions of these that are plastic and faux leather which are not only beautiful but cruelty free. Visit some inexpensive Parisian style clothes online stores where you will be able to find classy stylish clothing for a low price and will be guaranteed to make you look like a million dollars, you can also check this awesome french design clothes in HK.

Personalize your outfit to stand out in a crowd
One of the most famous outfits in the world, the little black dress gained its popularity because of its ability to change in look. You can customize a little black dress is more than a hundred different ways simply by changing your shoes and your accessories. You will want to do this with your outfit. Whatever you choose to buy, make it your own with a few added accessories and a nice pair of shoes that you have at home. Do not be afraid to be daring, use shawls, caps and other accessories to make yourself stand out.

Fashion Trends And Its Impact On Youth

Since the years, it has become common to follow various fashion trends based on the time and also the region. There are various aspects in which people like to follow the fashion like:


Accessories like watches




Body piercing

Handbags etc.

Fashion is the concept that is not only limited to clothing but a wide range of things has been included in the fashion. People from different regions can have different traditions and customs and based on the geographical conditions also, they can adopt different patterns. It has been believed that the fashion can always reflect and influences the way of life people like to like to live. It can completely depend on the creativity and the new innovative ideas that people adopt for maintaining themselves and their surroundings.

Generally, people choose their dresses as per their taste and their body structure. The fashion changes according to various aspects that can influence the people that include:

Changes as per the traditions

Changes as per the cultures

Changes as per the customs followed by people

Changes depend on the economic patterns

Also, depend on changes in society

Based on changes in moral values and ethics

The change that occurs always can become one of the factors for the fashion as the change and fashion are parallel to each other. Since decades, it has been observed that there was a drastic change in the clothing, makeups, jewelry and in many other things. Especially fashion is more attached to women as they like to adopt the changes with which they can be able to make themselves look more attractive than they are actually. Body piercing is one of such fashion issues that most of the young women like to have. Different piercing jewelry like nose, ears, belly and nipple piercing jewelry etc. have been preferred by these girls and young ladies that can make them look more beautiful.

The young men and women are more attracted towards the fashion trends in the markets and try to follow them as early as possible. There is various fashion designing firms that have been working in various styles that can influence the youth and attract them. They not only concentrate on clothing and other things but also on jewelry that can be more impressive and be attracting like belly and nipple piercing jewelry, necklaces and waist chains etc. The types in which fashion can be considered are:

Elegant- expensive designer wears and jewelry that can give a grand and royal look comes under these elegant types.

Casual- casual wears in which people can feel comfortable and convenient

Classic- the wardrobe without classic wears means nothing as they can give decent and dignified look to the people when they are in group.

Western- irrespective of culture people like to adopt various other cultures in which they can feel comfortable.

Dramatic- this includes the theme look and this can opt based on the situation and also the type of the gathering people like to attend.

As Fit As A Fiddle

The importance of exercise

Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Though we might not pay as much attention to this as we should the fact remains that sports and fitness are an essential part of life. We might think that we do not have the time to engage in sports or in physical activity. We might be up to our necks with work from dawn to dusk. However, it is of paramount importance that we find the time to work out or engage in some sports as there are numerous benefits and especially many health benefits to be gleaned by regular physical exercise.

Are you suitably attired?

Before you start a particular sport or a fitness regime, it is however important that you are suitably attired. Therefore, you will have to purchase the needed clothes as well as a good pair of asics running shoes in Australia for the purpose.

You would have to be comfortable as well as have clothes and footwear that will make it easier for you to move around in instead of tripping up or slipping. Therefore, you will have to shop for clothes and footwear such as asics running shoes before you start your fitness regime.

Find your favourite means of exercising

You can join a sports club of your choice in line with your interests. For example, you can join a cricket or football club. You will have regular practices and you will be able to ensure that you get your quota of physical exercise thereby fulfilled. You might also like to join a gym. You can obtain membership at a gym close to your place of work. By doing this, you can drop into the gym on your way home from work. If you would like some guidance with your fitness and workouts, you can obtain the help of a personal trainer. Your personal trainer will be able to advice you on the exercises and workouts that would be in line with your fitness levels and strengths. Further, you can also keep fit by jogging at your local park or going for a brisk walk in the morning.

Keep fit and healthy

There are many health benefits to be gained by ensuring that you exercise regularly. You will be able to build up your stamina as well as your fitness levels. Therefore, you will not find yourself tiring fast. Further, you will be able to avoid sicknesses such as diabetes and heart diseases by ensuring that you keep as fit as a fiddle. Regular exercise will also help you clear your mind and sweat out all the stress. Thus, you will be a healthier and happier individual.