Daily Archive: December 9, 2015

If You Own A Retail Store


There is nothing like retail therapy for a poor soul – okay, I take it back. There is nothing like retail therapy for ANY soul. So if you are an owner of a retail shop, or a chain of retails, you are providing balms of comfort for these souls. However, we also need to understand that the market is extremely competitive, and that you will have to be a step ahead in terms of your products, service and marketing. Here are some tips that we think will prove useful.

Focus on exclusivity

People do not like to wear something if they feel that they will meet ten other people wearing the same thing when they go out. This is what actually happens when you make large stocks available from the same unit or design. Instead, focus on exclusive stocks with limited units available. This will encourage customers to come to your store as soon as the new stocks are released, and to purchase them with haste. Moreover, this is also a clever strategy to ensure that there is not much leftover stock at the end of the year.

Set trends

Retail shops have the ability to set trends. This is even more so if you offer branded products or if you have gained immense popularity among your customers. You then have the potential to set trends – and set yourself apart. For an example, if you sell women’s clothing, embrace the latest developments in terms of feminist values and body images. Do not be restricted by catering for limited sizes, and celebrate the women who glorify in their curves. For an example, you can make vintage plus size dresses available for your customers who are on the curvaceous side.

Since not many shops offer vintage plus size womens clothing, and also considering the fact that they are much in demand, you will experience a boost in sales. Most importantly, you will be setting trends among your peers.

Retail renovation

Yet another way to be a step ahead from others is to make sure that your shop is constructed in an extremely convenient format for your customers. For an example, the current trends being online shopping, it is to your great advantage if you embrace this new concept as well. However, this does not mean that you stop at having a website. You need to arrange your physical store in a manner that facilitates online shopping. For an example, you need to install customer support who can attend to inquires efficiently, and also special counters for those customers who wish to return the good they bought online. Such facilitation will set you a notch above.