Daily Archive: November 26, 2015

How to Get your Toddler Ready to go to Preschool


A toddler going to school is huge for the parents. You may be sad that your child is leaving you and starting to be independent and being aware from you. Sometimes you’d be sad and you’d feel insecure as well. But, your child should start his/ her life, and this is the beginning of a new place of her life. Therefore, you have to facilitate, sit back and watch about what’s happening with her life. Your child’s life is not your life, you are just a facilitator, who’d help your child to achieve his/ her roles.

Do role play to aware your child on the idea of the Pre School

The child must make aware where she is going and what will happen to her there. Therefore, do a role play and make you child aware of what will happen at school. Take terns. You be a teacher once, then let your child be the teacher. This way, your child will know what is happening at school and will be ready for the new beginning, new chapter of her life.

Read books and show cartoons about school

There are various books published on what’s happening at school to be read out to little children. You can buy these books from book stores read them out loud to your child. Also, you can watch cartoons with her and explain her what will happen what will happen when she go to schools. This way, your child knows what will happen to her when she go to school and how to react and act at school.

Play games with her on how to get ready to go to school

Play games and make aware your child on what will happen at school and teach her how she react to various situations. You may have your insecurities. But it is not fare to communicate this to your child. Just make her aware about what the school is, and how to react to various situations at school.

Let her share her worries with you

Your child is a separate human. She has her own worries and concerns. Therefore, let your child open up to you. Let her share her worries and concerns with you. Let her tell what she feels, and let her know that you are there for her no matter what happens. This way, your child feels secure with you.

Go shopping for school items with her

The schools must have given a list to be taken to school. This may include school uniforms in Australia, books, etc. Take her along with you when you are shopping these items. This way, shed know that she is preparing to something important.